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Process Optimisation for Wastewater Treatment Plants


The Challenge

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Water companies face a wide range of environmental and economic challenges and water technologies must constantly evolve to adapt to the scarcity of resources, increasing demand of consumers and ever more stringent quality standards. Ofwat is attempting to tackle those challenges through its Trust in Water strategy which advocates affordability, innovation, resilience and customer service. 

How can water companies add significant value without stretching customers' budgets? Innovation through new working practices is the key to adding value whilst also reducing costs for customers.

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The Internet of Things

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From smart homes to smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing with an estimated 30 billion IoT devices set to be connected by 2020. Through new technologies, the IoT has the potential to revolutionise the industrial sector by enabling remote, real-time monitoring of optimised technology.

How can water companies benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has the potential to have a significant effect on the water industry by improving both quality control and sustainability. AQUAVISTA™ Plant is part of Veolia’s AQUAVISTA™ digital services and is built to support water companies to operate their assets to optimum effect, helping the plant to save time, energy and money.  AQUAVISTA™ Digital Suite offers professionals and communities an effective solution for improving the environmental impact of wastewater treatment facilities while maximising value. AQUAVISTA™ gives you access to continuous monitoring of your installations thanks to digitalisation.

AQUAVISTA™ Plant provides real-time performance optimisation of wastewater treatment facilities to enable hydraulic and biological capacity enhancement as well as optimising chemical consumption, sludge treatment and the energy efficiency of a plant. It is an umbrella digital system that can also bring non Veolia instrumental solutions together.

AQUAVISTA™ Plant purpose is to empower and support water companies with software and Big Data analytics to operate their existing assets more effectively and meet their AMP7 objectives.


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Go Digital!

AQUAVISTA™ provides a full range of water tech and water management services. There are four products within the AQUAVISTATM digital services offering, each designed to provide a different level of service dependant on needs: Plant, Portal, Insight and Assist.




AQUAVISTA™ Plant can enable water companies to reduce their electricity and chemical consumption, improve effluent quality, increase hydraulic capacity, prevent water overflow reducing overall operational costs.



AQUAVISTA™ Portal provides monitoring of equipment via a dashboard interface that can be accessed remotely. Portal can provide real-time alarm and alert management, basic KPIs and automatic reporting allowing users to keep on top of technologies’ performance.



AQUAVISTA™ Insight provides all the benefits of AquavistaTM Portal with further performance feedback, monitoring and analytics to improve business decisions. Insight can also advise operational and financial optimisation as well as allowing users to benchmark between plants of a similar setup.



AQUAVISTA™ Assist provides real-time online process support for larger plants from our team of experts to assist with maintenance, emergency support and troubleshooting. Assist also features an e-learning platform for additional guidance on process optimisation.


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