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Through the use of a digital monitoring service, it is possible to add continuity to essential water systems services and provide peace of mind to operating staff. At Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) we provide support to businesses not only through our water treatment technologies, but through our digital services offering.

These include services like remote monitoring and access to our 24/7 specialist engineers, all backed by our UK based customer services team. With our engineering expertise, we are able to tailor our technologies to meet your individual needs, providing digital assurance, wherever you are, that your essential water systems are functioning as they should be.

What does digital monitoring solutions offer for your business? 

VWT’s AQUAVISTA™ digital monitoring solutions offer a wide and flexible range of customised platforms to suit a range of water treatment industries and their respective technologies. From plant operators to management, AQUAVISTA™ provides all the relevant parties with a tool to efficiently manage and optimise their water and wastewater treatment plants and equipment effectively.

What happens  to the data collected?

The data collected by AQUAVISTA™ is aggregated and can be enriched through a suite of intelligent process applications and algorithms. This data is then securely stored on the cloud for optimisation, via AQUAVISTA™ Plant, or where it is available to view in real time by AQUAVISTA™ Portal users on any device through the use of a private and secure portal.

Our AQUAVISTA™ digital solutions are compatible with both Veolia and non-Veolia technologies as well as existing and new equipment used for a variety of applications including drinking, waste and process water. As such, AQUAVISTA™ is applicable to a wide range of sectors including industrial and municipal water treatment plants, as well as scientific, pharmaceutical and healthcare process water needs.

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