Now that lockdown measures are beginning to relax across Britain, laboratories may need some guidance on how to safely resume water operations. In the last few months, most systems will either have been managed in a reduced capacity, or switched off entirely. As a result, many face a heightened failure risk, as well as issues surrounding microbiological contamination. At Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK), we’re committed to helping and supporting laboratories as they look to safely restart pure water production. 

Whether it’s bringing forward maintenance services, or supplying effective restart consumable packs, we can offer laboratories everything they need to get back to normal activity. Additionally, for some laboratories it might now be time to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of bringing old systems back into action, compared to investing in a modern, plug and play water treatment system, such as the PURELAB Chorus 2, which provides greater reliability and more flexible performance. 

Is your system ready to be restarted?

We have created a short checklist to work out how much sanitisation your system needs post-lockdown


How to safely restart operations?

Prior to resuming business, laboratories running purified water systems are advised to first carry out a system health check. By carrying out this check, laboratories can ensure that systems are performing as designed and avoid any health and safety issues. Depending on your current service agreement, there are different ways to book in a system health check. At VWT UK, we would recommend looking to bring forward a previously scheduled service date, or booking a one-off service. However, with the risk of locally imposed lockdowns increasing, it’s important to make these arrangements as soon as possible to avoid potential issues.

For existing ELGA LabWater systems, system services will be conducted by our dedicated scientific engineer team. The service team, which works exclusively with products from our range, function as ELGA LabWater specialists, dedicated to keeping your systems working around the clock. ELGA LabWater systems, such as PURELAB Chorus 2 come bundled with different service agreements, which enable reactive servicing and maintenance work. 

What’s more, on systems that have suffered from heightened levels of microbiological contamination, VWT UK is able to provide effective restart consumable packs, which include sanitisation and cleaning services. With our support, laboratories can guarantee pure water production, ensuring that results and processes remain reliable and consistent.


Is it time to upgrade? 

One of the many benefits of an ELGA LabWater system is its industry-leading service offering, as well as its extended warranty. Now, with the risk of total system failure elevated due to COVID-19 related shutdowns, many laboratories will be better off investing in a completely new system rather than trying to restart old technologies. With time being as precious as water, systems like the PURELAB Chorus 2 are the ideal choice as they offer quick purchase time and simple installation. The flexible modular solution can be expanded post-installation, minimising the cost of future upgrades. As always, the solution maintains our pure water guarantee, which ensures consistent, reliable pure water to meet any laboratories’ need.

The features of PURELAB Chorus 2:

  1. Integrated ultrafiltration & microfiltration systems
  2. Reverse Osmosis feed contains optimized resin mixes to maximize consumables capacity
  3. Real-time Total Organic Compound (TOC) monitoring
  4. Simple to install, operate and maintain with a clear indication of water purity
  5. Fitted with PureSure® Technology
  6. Multiple PURELAB Chorus 2 units can feed into one reservoir and systems can be expanded post-installation


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