Over recent months, many companies’ operations will have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and country-wide lockdown. In some cases, companies may have been working with reduced staff keeping operations and systems running. In other cases, companies will have shut all operations and systems down altogether. 

In both scenarios, it is important that water treatment systems are checked to ensure that they remain in working order and, especially where equipment has been turned off for prolonged periods of time, systems will need to be replaced as it is likely that bacteria will have begun to build up within the system

If your company uses SDI Cylinders to maintain a consistent supply of high quality water for its processes it is crucial that SDI cylinders are replaced immediately prior to restarting operations.

With our SDI service and specialist engineers we can help to get your facility back up and running as soon as possible and recommend the right product for you.


What is SDI?

Service Deionisation (SDI) water cylinders are low capital cost water purification solutions that can be used to purify water on demand without the need for specialist equipment or chemicals. As such, SDI service is the ideal solution for industrial sector companies with a process water requirement that do not have the funds or need to invest in larger water treatment systems. 

SDI uses ion exchange resin to purify source water and are suitable for the removal of a variety of particulates. They come in a flexible range of specifications to generate either a controlled quantity of high purity water or a large quantity of lower purity water.



Benefits of SDI

  1. Low Capital Cost
  2. Very small footprint
  3. No chemicals required
  4. Can produce between 0.14 to 4.72 m³/hr of high purity water as required
  5. A constant and reliable supply of high quality water guaranteed
  6. Minimum system installation and easy to maintain


Our SDI service

We’re running in the background to keep your company in the foreground.

At VWT UK we have been supplying an SDI regeneration service to our customers for over 50 years. The service facilitates the supply of an exchangeable cylinder of media which, when exhausted, is replaced by a freshly regenerated one delivered direct to site - ensuring that a consistent supply of water is maintained. Ordering replacement cylinders is easy and our delivery options are flexible to ensure that your company is never left without a consistent supply of process water.

Furthermore, our experienced team of water treatment experts are on hand to provide advice on which cylinders and media suit the required pure water needs as well as assisting with installation and start up.


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