The importance of infection control at healthcare facilities cannot be understated. Now, more than ever, having a robust water decontamination system is essential for the safety of staff, patients, and medical equipment.

We provide high performance water treatment systems to healthcare facilities. Thermapure units and Osiris systems support the reprocessing of surgical instruments and endoscopes by providing water to washer disinfectors used in this process. Ensuring full compliance, our systems focus on your stringent requirements, incorporating the latest technology at every level.

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Our Reverse Osmosis Systems

Thermapure and Osiris are heat-sanitisable reverse osmosis (RO) systems, Thermapure units are compact and easy to maintain. They are available as hot running for sterile services or cold running for endoscopy departments.

All systems offer automated heat, chemical free sanitisation of the distribution ring.

Easily manage the unit with real-time data from a colour, touch screen monitor. A supportive alarm system ensures constant quality monitoring. 

  • Reliable 80°C automatic heat disinfection in one unit
  • High flow rates support short cycles
  • Real-time data and clear programming
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

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