This event will help attendees deepen their knowledge and understanding of the
challenges of Phosphorus removal from wastewater and how to overcome them.


Panel Session

We have invited our experts from across the world to debate key elements of achieving current and future Phosphorous consent standards as set out in the Water Industry National Environmental Programme.

Panel session topics include: 

  • Established approaches for Phosphorus removal
  • Examples of biological Phosphorus removal and co-precipitation in Activated Sludge plants in Europe 
  • The latest Research & Development finds in removal techniques (Part of the Phos4you European R&D project in collaboration with Glasgow University)
  • Open forum Q&A, facilitated by Professor Tony Conway



Hear from water industry experts


Reid Staton - USA

Product Manager - Actiflo

Reid has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and has been with Veolia for over 19 years. He has extensive experience in process engineering and operation of physical/chemical separation and filtration processes for water and wastewater treatment.


Kim Sørensen - Denmark

Senior Process and Technology Expert

Kim has more than 30 years’ experience in the wastewater industry and has been part of more than 30 scientific papers. He has a depth knowledge on Biofilm Technologies, Activated Sludge processes, Chemical and Biological P-removal and Modelling of wastewater treatment processes.He is a Board member of the IWA Specialist group on Biofilms and a regular member of the Scientific Committee of the IWA WWRMod conferences.

He has 4 Patents on wastewater treatment processes one of them being on Optimisation of Biological P-removal in Activated sludge.


Henrik A. Rønnow - Denmark

Senior Process Expert

Henrik has more than 30 years’ experience and has been part of more than 50 scientific papers. Among other platform presentations, Henrik gave the keynote at the IWA-ICA (Instrumentation, Control and Automation) 2009 conference in Cairns, Australia.


Cedric Merbaki - France

R&D Project Manager

Cedric is an Environmental & Water Treatment Engineer from ENSIP Poitiers. He has more than 20 years' experience in water treatment. He spent 10 years in Asia Pacific as a Technical Director. Cedric is leading the industrialisation department in Veolia T&P for Material Recovery and Industrial applications; P recovery and its value chain being part of his activities. He is currently involved in the Veolia and European research program Phos4You, PhosForce, ESPP.



Hugues Humbert - France

Senior Process and Technology Expert

Hugues has a degree and a PhD in Engineering. He also has more than 20 years' experience in water treatment.
He joined Veolia in 2003 working in the Research Division as a Process Engineer and later became Project Manager.
For the past two years, Hugues has been working as an Expert Process Engineer in charge of process validation and process industrialisation in wastewater treatment.

If you were unable to attend the event and wish to download a copy of the presentation please click below.

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