Until recently, the European pharmaceutical industry could only produce WFI via distillation.
That all changed in April 2017 when the European Pharmacopeia revised monograph 0169 to allow WFI production through the cold process of reverse osmosis (RO).


How do you know if Cold WFI is the best choice for your facility?

While RO-based systems can offer benefits like lower operating costs, they also pose extra challenges.

Veolia experts Ranj Rihal and Kalpesh Shah, along with representatives from Mettler Toledo,  presented a webinar on Nov 26th 2019 including:

  • the benefits of producing WFI through RO-based systems
  • the challenges of RO-based systems and how you can overcome these
  • how the costs, risks and sustainability of RO-based systems compare to other WFI production methods
  • whether Cold WFI is a good fit for your facility

This on demand webinar will be available soon.

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Cold WFI On Demand Webinar

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