Unrivaled purity in design, unmatched flexibility & effortless use.

Together with PURELAB® Chorus & Quest, the PURELAB® Dispenser enables uninterrupted discovery.

When you’re running a busy laboratory, having the right equipment makes all the difference. Waiting to dispense sufficient Type I or II water wastes precious time and variable water quality risks your results.

The PURELAB® dispenser works with PURELAB® Chorus and Quest laboratory water systems* to deliver ultrapure water when and where you need it. The PURELAB® dispenser gives you flexibility and convenience making your life easier.

Consistent quality for accurate results

Head and shoulders ahead of other dispensers, PURELAB® dispenser boasts two features that give you the most accurate results.

Recirculating through water purification technologies every 10 minutes, your ultrapure water never deteriorates in storage and biofilm will be prevented from building up within the system. You’ll dispense consistent high quality water every time.

Having a sensor within the dispenser - just 1.2 metres from the tap – is a further quality assurance. This means you can maintain water quality right up to the point of dispensing.

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We have created an infographic that details the benefits of the PURELAB® Dispenser

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Reasons to choose our PURELAB dispenser

  • Ultrapure water quickly and easily dispensed from your bench
  • Boost productivity with up to 4 dispensers per lab water system
  • Consistent high-quality water as standard
  • Controlled dispensing drop by drop or by volume dispensing
  • Maximised lab space 
  • Backed by Veolia quality

Why trust ELGA Veolia with your lab water system?

  • Veolia has been committed to leading global water technology standards for decades.
  • Working across the world supporting organisations in many sectors the reputation of our equipment and expertise goes before us.
  • By choosing ELGA Veolia equipment for your laboratory, you’ll be in the safest hands. We help you transform the productivity of your laboratory with the latest water technology.
  • Providing service contracts when required and offering remote IoT monitoring with our Hubgrade system, you’re never on your own when we’re involved.


* The PURELAB dispenser can be used with the following Veolia products: PURELAB Chorus 1 LS/AR/GS, PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete, PURELAB Chorus 2+ and PURELAB Quest.

It cannot be used with PURELAB Chorus 2, Chorus 3, and Flex.

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