Do you want to save money on your wastewater treatment processes? Recover and recycle water and raw materials? And avoid non-compliance penalties or even plant closure? Our popular range of EVALED™ Vacuum Evaporators is the answer. With capacities of up to 250 tonnes per day, these innovative wastewater treatment systems are ideal for industries like healthcare & pharmaceutical, food & beverage and metals. In fact, they’re helping over 3000 facilities globally to cut costs, meet consents and, in some cases, become Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Why choose EVALED™ for your wastewater treatment?

1  Component recovery:

Raw materials can be recovered and recycled for reuse or sale, including precious metals or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

2  Efficient:

Excellent water separation levels to reduce sludge volume and disposal costs.

3  Reliable & Simple:

Fully automatic, continuous operation and needs minimal maintenance.

4  Compact:

Takes up less valuable space than alternative systems.

5  Versatile:

Hazardous or difficult feed water needs little or no pre-treatment.

6  Zero Liquid Discharge:

The distillate can be recovered and recycled as process water.


7  Eco-friendly:

low energy consumption and small carbon footprint.

Discover EVALED™ in our on-demand introductory webinar

Join our wastewater treatment specialists to learn more about EVALED™ in our free on-demand webinar. You’ll find out how these vacuum evaporators work and the many benefits they offer. What’s more, case studies will show you how EVALED™ has transformed wastewater treatment for businesses like yours. 


Find out how fast your EVALED™ evaporator will pay for itself

Wondering just how quickly you could recoup your investment in EVALED™? Simply enter a few details into our easy payback calculator and find out in seconds.


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