Are your wastewater treatment and disposal costs spiraling? Would you like to recover more water and raw materials for reuse?
Or are you struggling to comply with ever-tightening discharge regulations, risking hefty penalties or even plant closure?

Then join Michael Costley, our Industrial Product Specialist, in this free 30-minute webinar to discover our EVALED™ vacuum evaporators.

These innovative and eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems are helping over 3000 facilities worldwide to slash costs, meet consents, become Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and much more.

During the live presentation you will learn:

  • How evaporation technology works
  • About the three different families of EVALED™ evaporators
  • How EVALED™ can bring big benefits like reduced effluent disposal costs
  • How EVALED™ has transformed wastewater treatment for businesses like yours within the food & beverage industry


Did you miss the live webinar? Don't worry, the webinar is now available On Demand!