Hydrex 6861 is our vegetable-based organic coagulant made from the renewable source of Black Acacia tree bark. It’s a cheaper, greener, simpler and more efficient alternative to traditional metal-based coagulants like ferric chloride or polyaluminium chloride (PAC).

Hydrex 6861 is suitable for any industry but a particularly good fit for those with oily or acidic effluents, such as food and beverage, oil and gas, and wastewater treatment.

Why choose Hydrex 6861 organic coagulant over traditional coagulants?

Hydrex 6861 offers three key benefits compared to metal-based coagulants:


No caustic chemicals needed

Hydrex 6861 works at a much lower pH (4.5 to 7) than metal-based coagulants. This means sodium hydroxide or other caustic chemicals aren’t needed to correct the pH before treatment, which simplifies the process, improves safety, increases mechanical capacity and cuts costs.


Lower dosing requirements

Hydrex 6861 is dosed at lower rates than metal-based coagulants yet produces the same results. This means even greater cost savings and efficiency.


Less sludge production with cheaper
and greener disposal

Hydrex 6861 produces up to 50% less sludge than metal-based coagulants, reducing the costs and carbon footprint of disposal. What’s more, its organic and biodegradable nature opens up more sustainable and less costly disposal options like composting or land injection.


Watch Hydrex 6861 in action next to metal-based alternatives

Watch our short demo to see how much better organic Hydrex 6861 performs next to traditional coagulants when treating dairy waste in the lab.

Veolia Hydrex6861 (2)
See how Hydrex 6861 has transformed AAK Food’s effluent treatment

Hydrex 6861 has radically improved wastewater treatment at AAK Foods, a
supplier of condiments, dressings and sauces.

Download our case study to find out how the organic coagulant has helped reduce costs, optimise performance and avoid non-compliance fines at its Runcorn site.

How can you could benefit from Hydrex 6861?

Find out just how much you could reduce your sludge production and chemical dosing by switching to Hydrex 6861 organic coagulant.

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