Making a difference when it matters, Brian Jones, Business Development Manager at Veolia introduces Hydex 6861 - our organic, tannin-based coagulant. He’ll also demonstrate its enhanced performance and answer your questions live.

This webinar will:

  • Help you understand the full impact of effluent treatment processes on your business
  • Learn the main drivers that cause changes and improvements to your effluent treatment processes, including cost (both financially and for the environment) and maintaining consent on site. 
  • Learn how we can help your plant with our cost-effective and sustainable organic coagulant Hydrex 6861 coagulant.
  • Explain the sustainable manufacture of Hydrex and the benefits it offers many industries
  • Compare the performance of Hydrex to metal coagulants and other tannin-based products
  • Provide case studies of the successful uses of Hydrex

How Hydrex benefits your business and the environment

Hydrex 6861: tannin-based organic coagulants are vegetable-base, made from the Black Acacia tree grown in managed forests in Brazil. Continually re-planted. Sustainable forests. No waste as the whole tree is used. Totally biodegradable product (free from metal salts) meaning more choices when it comes to sludge disposal.
Ideal for F&B, oil industry, water treatment.

Metal based coagulants contain metal salts that must be dissolved in acid. The result is a lower pH that must then be increased using caustic soda (sodium hydroxide).

Hydrex can reduce sludge production by up to 50% because there is no metal salt formation. This means increased capacity in your effluent treatment. Plus, the sludge is no thicker or more difficult to pump. Hydrex use also requires lower dose rates than ferric or aluminium coagulants. Reduction of storage requirements.

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