Whether you run manufacturing in the healthcare, biotechnology, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, purified water generation systems are essential. Not only is pure water required for your experiments and processes, it ensures the best performance from your equipment too. 

The cost of purified water systems can be significant. That’s why Orion treatment systems have been designed with sustainability at their core, saving you money every day.

Delivering critical high performance in a sustainable manner is key to this high technology product. The Orion comes with many sustainability features including low energy membranes reverse osmose (RO), integral recovery RO, and concentrate recycle. All products and materials have been selected for optimum recyclability. 

When you run an Orion water treatment system, up to 40% of water is recovered and recycled. You’ll also use up to 50% less energy and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30%. Minimal chemicals are used during operation and 99% of the materials that make the system are recyclable. All these factors add up, providing you with a more sustainable and cost-efficient system for the generation of pure water.

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Complete our simple online calculator, so you can quickly determine what you’d save by using the Orion S Series.

Just pop in your plant requirements and then the calculator will instantly display your estimated savings, water volume and electricity savings.

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