Having a reliable purified water generation system in the pharmaceutical industry is critical. It’s also essential for healthcare, biotechnology, and cosmetic markets. More than ever, the system must be sustainable in its energy and water usage.

Orion comes with many sustainability features including low energy membranes reverse osmose (RO), integral recovery RO, and concentrate recycle. All products and materials have been selected for optimum recyclability. Delivering critical high performance in a sustainable manner is key to this high technology product. 

As microbial control is paramount in any purified water treatment system, the Orion retains the proven Hot Water Sanitisation (HWS) of the main treatment system as well as the pre-treatment softeners. When it comes to purified water treatment, we’re helping you achieve your sustainability goals without compromising on quality or performance.

Find out how much money your facility could save with an ORION

We’ve created a simple online calculator, so you can quickly determine what you’d save by choosing the Orion S Series.

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5 Key Benefits of ORION


Reduce your energy usage
with reduced water to drain and reduced flow during recycle


Reduce your water usage
with integral recovery RO and concentrate recycle pump


Regular Sanitisation
with hot water above 80°C to maintain system integrity


Remote diagnostics
of the unit to monitor your KPI's enabled by AQUAVISTA 


Minimise downtime
and ensure compliance with our service contracts

Intelligent purified water systems

Ideal for purified water and cold WFI production, Orion is a skid-mounted, multi-technology purified water generation system design. It delivers softening, reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI) technologies that can be fully, or partially hot water sanitised.

Orion water treatment is fully compliant with FDA, cGMP, and GAMP requirements. It also meets the quality standards of current USP and Ph Eur purified water and Ph Eur highly purified water and has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISPE guidelines for water and steam.

With three different models available, providing flow rates from 0.5 to 20m 3 /hr, you can easily find the right purified water system for your lab. Each model offers many options and helpful features, providing enormous flexibility. 

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Do you need to improve the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of your purified water treatment system? Please contact our experts to learn how we can help.