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For over 80 years, ELGA Veolia has been trusted by scientists around the world as the lab water specialists. And we know just how important it is that you get the exact water purity you need, without lots of ongoing hassle and expense.

That’s why we designed our innovative and award-winning PURELAB Chorus range. Flexible, cost-effective and simple to use, it’s the ideal solution for labs needing a reliable source of Pure (Type 2/2+) and Ultrapure (Type 1) water directly from a potable water supply.

PURELAB Chorus can be used for Life Science, General Chemistry, Microbiological Analysis and many other Applications.

Why Choose PURELAB Chorus over other options?

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Easy & convenient to use
Consistent peak water purity
Low running costs

Using PURELAB Chorus is simple. You can dispense water into a variety of containers, either through the built-in tap or our ergonomic Halo dispensers which offer auto-volume and hands-free options. Priority information is displayed in an easy-to-view format at all times, so you can be absolutely confident your dispensed water is exactly the right purity.

You won’t need to worry about water purity fluctuations when you use PURELAB Chorus. Our UV and recirculation technology comes as standard with Chorus 2+, Chorus 1 and Chorus 1 Complete, preventing bacterial build-up more effectively than other systems. So you can be sure the water you dispense will help you get the most accurate and reliable results.

The degasser option removes up to 70% of CO2, reducing the load to the deionisation packs. This means you won’t get through as many consumables, even with increasing usage and difficult feed waters. In fact, Chorus 1 Complete could save up to £10,000 over 5 years compared to other systems – all while lowering your lab’s environmental impact too.

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Less maintenance & downtime
Flexible & modular design
No distracting alarms

It doesn’t take much to keep PURELAB Chorus ticking along smoothly in the background. The front entry doors let you easily install new consumables in a fraction of the time needed for other systems, and sanitisation takes just 30 minutes once a year. That means you’ll have a less interrupted workflow and more hours to spend on the tasks that really matter.

PURELAB Chorus is flexible, modular system which can adapt and grow to meet your lab’s changing pure water needs. Not only that, but its compact elements are stackable and wall-mountable to minimise their footprint on your bench or floor. You can even position the dispensers away from the system, optimising your valuable lab space in the way that works best for you.

There’ll be no irritating noisy alarms for days on end when PURELAB Chorus needs attention. Instead, its glowing red halo light will give you unobtrusive visual alerts – so you can get on with your work in peace and attend to the system when it suits you.

Why not take advantage of our free water quality test and check the purity of the water in your lab.
The PURELAB CHORUS RANGE... flexible, versatile and modular, ensuring that it can meet the the needs of your laboratory and applications.

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Still have questions?

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