When you run a busy laboratory, you need proven equipment that’s flexible and easy to use. It’s essential to have fast access to your specified quality of lab water, without spending a fortune. We’ve packed a decade of experience and customer feedback into our cost-effective, compact lab water purification system. But don’t be fooled by its small size.

PURELAB Quest has many sensors to continually monitor your water quality and delivers everything you need from one stylish unit.


Three lab water types in one

A true ‘plug and play’ system that’s easy to install, PURELAB Quest can sit neatly on your bench or be wall mounted. At just 510mm high and 232mm wide, it requires minimal space.

Unlike other compact purification systems, PURELAB Quest provides three types of science-ready water from the same unit: Type I (ultrapure water), Type II (pure water) and Type III (RO water). You’re guaranteed to have exactly the right quality of water to hand. With a 7-litre reservoir (17% larger than other bench top systems), and the ability to supply 1.2 litres per minute, your lab water supply will be fast, reliable, and uninterrupted.

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Connect to AQUAVISTA™ digital monitoring service

At Veolia Water Technologies UK, not only do we provide water treatment technologies, we support your business too. Connect to AQUAVISTA™ Portal, our digital service platform, to track your data, enable software upgrades, and quickly diagnose issues. Download our brochure.

You can trust our technology

Made from 85%* reclaimed material and with long-lasting consumables, PURELAB Quest has been designed and built sustainably. It’s also been rigorously tested through 150,000 cycles of dispensing, equivalent to 20 years of lab use. 

ELGA is part of Veolia, the world’s largest environmental services organisation. Such leading expertise cements PURELAB Quest as the future of compact, economical, ultrapure water purification systems for laboratories across the globe. 

*Excludes materials in contact with the purification process.



Are you ready to enjoy the most advanced compact lab water provision at an affordable price? Your lab deserves the best product and support available.

Buy our money-saving PURELAB Quest bundle online and have everything you need to dispense three types of lab water efficiently. 

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Your PURELAB Quest "ALL-IN" bundle will include:

      • PURELAB Quest unit (you can choose to include a UV lamp)
      • One set of PURELAB Quest consumables
      • PURELAB Quest installation kit
      • Expert installation and training by a Veolia engineer
      • Veolia servicing and calibration contract (choose either one or two years*)
      • Two-year* parts and labour warranty
      • Access to AQUAVISTA™ Portal and 24/7 technical support

* A two-year servicing and calibration contract provides a second set of consumables and a three-year parts and labour warranty.

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Our parts and labour warranty is included with selected PURELAB Quest units.

To stand by our commitment to making quality water purification products, we want to ensure your PURELAB Quest is protected. You will either receive a one, two or three-year parts and labour warranty when you buy one of our PURELAB Quest units. With this exclusive offer you are buying exceptional quality. You can relax, knowing that if you have any concerns with your new PURELAB Quest unit, you’re covered for years to come. 

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