Demand for energy across the globe is growing rapidly. The power market is under huge pressure to deliver sufficient power at a competitive price.

Your equipment must not falter – downtime is costly. To avoid scaling and corrosion you need robust provisions of demineralised water.

Created to meet stringent power market requirements, Veolia TERIONTM produces high grade demineralised (and deionised) water. Combining reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electrodeionisation (CEDI), the water is fully compliant, with minimum levels of silica, sodium, potassium, and Total Organic Carbon (TOC).


Why choose TERION Sand TERION™ ?

  • Fast plug and play installation: The process is quick and straight forward. TERION™ is even suitable for transportation in a container.
  • Low operating costs: With a variable frequency drive, TERION™ reduces electrical costs by up to 50%, only using the power it needs.
  • Minimum downtime: Providing almost continuous production, you don’t need to stop for regeneration.
  • Real-time remote monitoring: Using Hubgrade, monitor over 50 equipment parameters and manage your water with a 24/7 alarm system. All TERION S and TERION models are Hubgrade-ready. 
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) tested: Completed in our workshops (you can witness this) we cover wet testing too.
  • Compliant for power: TERION™ is compliant for specific power market applications (such as boiler feed and turbo injection).
  • A model to suit you: With seven TERION S™ and five TERION™ models, choose what works best for your organisation.

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We have created an infographic that details the benefits of the TERION range

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Why choose Veolia?

A global leader in water technology provision for many industries, Veolia is a long-standing name you can trust.

Not only is our robust equipment designed and constructed to meet every need, we also support you in real time with our remote Hubgrade monitoring system.

Harnessing IoT technology. We keep your team informed, wherever they are. And if a problem occurs, they’ll know about it instantly.

You can also enjoy specialist service contracts, ensuring on-site help within 24 hours.

We know our equipment inside out.

By working with us, you’ll extend the life of your assets and keep downtime to a minimum


Want to learn more?

In our blog we discuss the TERION™ range in detail, you can read more here.

You can find our brochure here and there are datasheets available for the TERION S™ AND TERION™ to ensure you make the right choice for your process.

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