Do you need a robust, reliable and cost-effective way of transferring viscous and abrasive sludge or slurry?

Willett™ Pump is the ideal solution. This vertical single-acting pump was the first of its kind to market over 100 years ago. Since then, it’s been trusted to transfer difficult sludge in industries including wastewater, potable water, effluent treatment, chemical processing, ceramic and manufacturing.

Willett™ Pump comes in a variety of sizes and has a flow rate of up to 2,100 l/min.

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Why choose Willett™ Pump?

circle icon-02-01-01-01Built to last

Willett™ Pump is extremely robust. The body is cast in strong one-piece iron or stainless steel, and the ram is made from hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant materials.

The simple design with few moving parts makes it even more durable, and retrofit options mean you can always benefit from the latest design improvements. So you can be sure Willett Pump™ is built for the long term.

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Economical & energy-saving

Willett™ Pump uses the momentum of incoming moving sludge to create high hydraulic pressure, which transfers a small portion of the sludge uphill. Because the force of the sludge provides the energy needed, no external power source is required.

That means your energy consumption, carbon footprint and OPEX costs are kept low.

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Hassle-free maintenance

Looking after Willett™ Pump is simple. The ram has low-maintenance chevron seals, and the ball valves are accessed quickly and easily via the removable cover.

What’s more, the valves have generous clearance and biased flow in the chambers ensures even wear of the ball and seat. This helps reduce the chance of a disruptive blockage.

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 Electronic control & monitoring

The patented PLC system or linear transducer can configure pressure, flow and other variables to meet your needs. The PLC monitors pressure differences caused by changes in sludge density and viscosity, and in case of a blockage can raise an alarm and/or start shutdown to prevent costly damage.

You can also link Willett Pump™ to AQUAVISTA™, our digital platform that lets you remotely monitor all your pumps from any location 24/7.

Get the most out of your Willett™ Pump with our service & retrofit packages

For your peace of mind, Willett™ Pump is supported by a range of service packages to make sure your pump operates at its best over the long term. These include a 24/7 rapid response service from our highly qualified team of engineers across the UK. We also manufacture and supply OEM replacement parts for all pumps.

For facilities with an existing Willett™ Pump, we offer retrofitting options so you can benefit from the latest design improvements without having to replace your unit. These upgrades require minimal downtime and include:
  • conversion to mechanical changeover to improve pump longevity
  • top hat conversion to cut maintenance time and costs
  • new generation ram coatings to increase ram lifespan
  • latest chemical dosing cylinder to improve accuracy and seal life

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